SMC Cash Appliance Standard Replacement Warranty

EVERY appliance we sell is covered by the Standard Replacement Warranty for 7 days. 30 day extensions may be purchased with each appliance for a total of 37 days. The warranty period begins on date of pick up or date of delivery.

In case of malfunction this Warranty covers the following options at the full discretion of SMC Cash Appliance:

  1. Service (parts and Labor)

  2. Replacement (same or similar product and same or lesser value)

If a malfunction occurs, the consumer must notify SMC Cash Appliance before the end of the warranty period. If the equipment was delivered by an SMC Cash Appliance representative we will dispatch a technician to the delivery location for service. If the equipment was transported by the consumer, the consumer must return the appliance to SMC Cash Appliance for service or replacement before the end of the warranty period. Damage, misuse or improper transport after the sale voids this warranty.

For service under warranty please click the warranty repair request button below